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Consumers worldwide are seeking Certified Organic foods as an alternative food choice. Why?

Organic foods are nutritious and taste great!

Organically grown foods are produced without the use of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, hormones or antibiotics.

Organic certification is the consumer's guarantee that foods are grown and handled according to strict standards that are verified by independent organizations.

Certified Organic foods are not irradiated and do not contain genetically modified organisms.

Organic farmers work with nature to replenish the soil for a sustainable future.

Organic Food Sales - A Healthy Market

Sales of organic foods are booming in North America, fueled by consumer concerns for health and nutrition, animal welfare, and environmental sustainability. Research in the US indicates that sales of organic foods, especially produce, are gaining greater marketshares of total US food sales. The Canadian marketplace is enjoying similiar growth.

Sales of organic foods in North America topped $4.7 billion in 1997 and are continuing double digit growth.
Organic produce sales are close to 2% of the total US produce market and are growing yearly.

Organic produce will be 10% of all produce sold within ten years. (USDA)

30% of US consumers buy organic foods regularly.

One out of three shoppers have changed their eating habits or sought organic produce due to reports regarding pesticide and chemical use.

84% of consumers are concerned with quality, taste and freshness. Taste is the most cited reason people continue to buy organic foods.

Sources: Organic Trade Association; Natural Foods Merchandiser